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Seven important conversations you must have with your son


Big list of female teachers who are sexual predators

All sexual assults of children are wrong so this article is only put up to highlight that it is not only men who are sexual predators but women are also and this list shows that there are way too many of them also.

WND has compiled a list of female teachers who have been caught out having sex with students and it runs to over 13 pages.

Illegal is Illegal

“Entry into Australia is governed by the Commonwealth Migration Act 1958.

It makes a distinction between “lawful” and “unlawful” non-citizens. A lawful non-citizen is a foreigner who holds a valid visa, while an unlawful non-citizen is a foreigner who doesn’t.

People entering Australia without a visa are not referred to as “illegal” in the Act.”

Austrian vs. Keynesian Economics

Austrian vs. Keynesian Economics by The Austrian Insider

Committed Parents and the results

A good example of what can happen when two parents commit to each other and their children

The power in the faith of a child