Fathers are people too II

Nathan Tabor writes a great article showing that there truly are three victims every time an abortion is done.  Too often men are not allowed to voice an opinion by the feminists as they claim it is all about a womens body and therefore she can choose to do what she wants to.  This article goes a ways to show that men can and should be able to speak up in regards to great damage being done by the pro-death camp.

But for every abortion there is also a third victim that gets overlooked most of the time. That victim is the father of the aborted child. Now I know that this isnÂ’t the politically correct approach, since modern feminists insist that abortion is all about the motherÂ’s body, her feelings and her choices. But I think we need to acknowledge that those potential fathers-to-be may have feelings, too.

Does a father have to pay child support, even if he never wanted the child? Yes, and rightfully so. He made the decision to gratify himself sexually, just like the woman did. So why should she alone have to bear the burden of raising the child for the rest of her life? Some men really are unfeeling louts who donÂ’t care about their offspring, but the law still holds them responsible for the support of their children.

But what about the father who fervently wants his unborn child to live? Does he have the right to stop the mother from having an abortion? No. So, then, fathers have to pay child support, but have no say in the abortion decision. This is a glaring problem and it should be solved. Why shouldnÂ’t the mother just deliver the baby, even if she doesnÂ’t want to keep it, and then turn it over to the father, who does love it and who wants to raise it?


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