A Labour Government finally starts to get it

After the last year of Australian state labour governments trying to diminish families it is good to see the UK labour government starting to see that families are the best for raising children in.

Labour has finally admitted that married parents are better for children than parents in live-in partnerships, and that they stick together more than twice as long.


4 Responses to A Labour Government finally starts to get it

  1. saint says:

    Good Lord! Did they put something in the water?

  2. wakey74 says:


    I was shocked too that a labour government especially the British one has finally seen that families that have a mother and father are the best for both the children in those families and for society in general.

  3. saint says:

    The question is, will they do anything about it? You know like create a supportive environment that encourages family formation (without of course dictating to people how they should live their lives). Somehow…sadly…I doubt it.

  4. wakey74 says:

    We both know that they will end up doing nothing as the loud minority of feminist and other interest groups whose aim is to destroy the family will ensure that nothing happens.

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