More PC Madness

This current story shows more then just how depraved our society has become but just how much some people cower to the religion of Islam.

Another teacher caught having an affair with a student gets off lightly in her sentence but the judge made sure not to blame Islam

Judge Gaynor accepted Rafei was ashamed and remorseful.
She added her actions were no reflection on the Islamic community.

Teacher spared jail for dating student

This is not the first time in recent news that a judge has made comments that have you questioning what they are truly thinking.

A predatory teacher who took the virginity of an infatuated student and had sex with her in a school closet has been jailed for four-and-a-half years.
I don’t disagree with the sentence. Lock him away.
It’s the judge’s comments which get me. Like this:
“You did not love her and you had no intention of leaving your wife for her.”
Like any of that should have made any difference?


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