What are they thinking?

Can anyone explain to me how any of this is appropriate or helpful to any of the students exposed to this website. I am all for discussing these topics with our children but it is not up to the school system to do the parents job for them

PRIMARY school students are being told abortion can be “a relief” and hormones make you “feel sexy” on a website endorsed by Education Queensland.
Set up by La Trobe University, it uses cartoons to tell 10 to 12-year-olds why certain hormones give them “sexy thoughts” and start making them “interested in sex”.
It asks students if they think “a six-inch penis is normal” and if they believe “13 is too young to have a baby”.
Students are told it can be a relief if a woman has a termination.

UPDATE: Bill Muehlenberg has expressed his views on this much better then I could have.


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