Can anyone explain to me how getting faster internet access can help in the fight against climate change.

The Federal Government is already preparing for a long battle to force legislation for its new $43 billion broadband network through Federal Parliament.
The plan is only 24 hours old, but it is already under heavy fire from the Opposition.
The Coalition’s communication spokesman Nick Minchin has told ABC1’s Lateline the network’s economic viability is very doubtful.
“You would almost certainly have to charge australians at least twice what they currently pay,” he said.
Family First Senator Steve Fielding is another vocal critic and although the Independent Nick Xenephon supports the idea, he too has concerns.
“The Government’s approach is a good one, there are issues however about whether it will be financially viable,” he said.
The Government can at least count on support from Greens MPs, who hope faster broadband will help the fight against climate change.


2 Responses to Huh?

  1. Fry says:

    Faster broadband means you can do video conferencing from home, so less people have to travel to work

  2. wakey74 says:

    You do realise though that all of that uses electricity which to get electricity you need to burn carbon usually in the form of coal so it does not really reduce any global warming now does it.

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