Matthew Johns vs Skaf brothers

Listening and reading about what Matthew Johns and the rest of the Cronulla team did seven years ago made me think that what they did was exactly what the Skaf brothers did back in 2000.

The Skaf brothers organised for those girls to be pack raped by contacting others on their mobile phones.

The attackers used SMS and mobile phones to orchestrate the attacks, utilizing this technology to phone ahead to other attackers to co-ordinate timely transport of rape gang members to the locations where women were being held. Authorities later intercepted these phone records, and a small sample of this material was released to the media, the rest being too offensive to publicise. The attackers texted such messages as “When you are feeling down …bash a Christian or Catholic and lift up”.[23] and “I’ve got a slut with me bro, come to Punchbowl”. [24]

Was what Matthew Johns and the other unnamed player did any different. One of the two of those players contacted the rest of the team (12 out 17 possible players were involved) to have them come and join in.
Claire’, at the time a 19-year-old student who worked part-time as a waitress at the hotel where the team were staying, said she went to a room with two players, one of whom was Johns.
“I only remember one player definitely, it was Matty Johns. He laughed and he joked, he was very loud and boisterous and thought it was hilarious.”
She said more players began appearing in the room. She told the programme she eventually had sex with six players in a two-hour period, and up to 12 were in the room at one time.
“There were always hands on me. If one person would stop, someone was touching me doing something else. There was never a point where I was not being handled,” she said.
“Every time I looked up there would be more and more people in the room, lots and lots of guys in the room watching, maybe two or three on the bed that were doing stuff to me.”

Even if the initial sex with Matthew Johns and the other unnamed player was consensual as the police have said, the fact that they called in so many other to join in is no different to what the Skaf brothers did and they should be held to that same low standard that we hold the brothers for what they did.


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