10 dumb things smart Christians believe

Lillian Kwon a Christian Post Reporter has a review of a book by Larry Osborne called “dumb things smart Christians believe”.

I found the following excerpts the most revealing. I see so many people from the larger churches who believe as he states, that being a christian means having good fortune fall upon them.

He calls those “dumb things” spiritual urban legends – a belief, story, assumption, or truism that gets passed around as fact even in Sunday-school class or a Bible study.
..One of the partial truths many Christians fall victim to is the belief that living God’s way will bring good fortune.
“The Bible makes no such promise,” Osborne writes in 10 Dumb Things Smart Christians Believe….
“When we assume, imply, or promise that God is supposed to bring us good luck and lots of success, we’re set up for deep disappointment and spiritual cynicism,” he writes. “Even worse, we risk turning the King of kings into little more than a good-luck charm.”
Osborne also warns that those who introduce Christ to others and testify of only the “abundant Christian life” while downplaying the “harder teachings of Jesus” set the stage for disillusionment when things go awry.
Following Christ can be tough and having faith isn’t always going to fix everything.


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