Rudd the Builder

A new article on the site has Kevin Rudd contemplating taking over urban planning. Considering he has not been able to do what he promised to do in the election, taking over hospitals and water planning this just sound like more empty rhetoric or more made on on the run policies like he has in the last week with asylum seekers being diverted back to Indonesia. That has worked out so well that Indonesia won’t even allow the queue jumpers to land.

Kevin Rudd has not shown he is capable of running anything yet, except for a large and ever growing deficit so why would he think that his government would be capable of urban planning now.

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd wants to intervene in urban planning – usually the preserve of state and local governments – to make sure cities are well-run and climate change-proof.

Mr Rudd has previously proposed a takeover of hospitals and water, and a greater role in education and broadband.

Now it’s cities’ turn.

In his speech Mr Rudd proposed the development of national rules for the planning of cities for the first time.

And all infrastructure funding – which runs into tens of billions of dollars – could be linked to the rules.


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