Obama & Rudd

I will let these speak for themselves but suffice to say Obama and Rudd are like two peas in a pod

Last month, President Obama gave a somewhat chilling, if somewhat ignored, speech on climate change at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He stated that any scientific debate about the magnitude of global warming is unscrupulous, decrying “those who . . . make cynical claims that contradict the overwhelming scientific evidence when it comes to climate change, whose only purpose is to defeat or delay the change that we know is necessary.”

Then, the president talked tough, saying, “We’ll just have to deal with those people,” language familiar to anyone who knows the vagaries of Chicago politics.

Kevin Rudd went over the top last week in a speech to the Lowy institute, declaring it was “time to remove any polite veneer” from the climate change debate, which he claims is the “moral challenge of our generation”.

Then he launched an extraordinary tirade against “the climate change sceptics, the climate change deniers” who he claims are “powerful”, “too dangerous to be ignored”, “driven by vested interests … quite literally holding the world to ransom … Our children’s fate – and our grandchildren’s fate – will lie entirely with them.”

Have a read of the following for a response from one of the named.


Obama Apologizes to Europe for US Arrogance in Liberating Their Asses on Numerous Occasions…Obama apologized to the UN today for America “acting alone” and for the world’s “opposition to specific policies.”

PRIME Minister Kevin Rudd will next month make an apology to the survivors of some 500,000 children who found themselves institutionalised in orphanages and homes between 1930 and 1970…Those survivors, including 7000 child migrants, have been dubbed the “Forgotten Australians”.

Kevin Rudd has released an apology that contains two critical and potentially lethal flaws…First, it apologises for the “removal” of all Aboriginal children – even those many who were bashed, starved, raped, sent to boarding school or abandoned:


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