Daily Devotion

Source: The Word For Today

`Be not afraid of their faces…’ Jeremiah 1:8 KJV

Do you avoid certain activities and social occasions because of insecurity? If so, you might have `social phobia’, the fear of being inadequate, embarrassed or negatively evaluated. Some of us even experience panic attacks that leave us immobilised to the point of dysfunction. Yet it’s avoiding such situations, rather than facing them, that allows our fears to control us. How great our fear becomes depends on what we say to ourselves when it hits. And what we say to ourselves is largely a function of what psychologists call our `sub-personality type’. Here are some common sub-personality types, and ways we can handle them:

`The Worrier.’ Worriers anticipate the worst, create grandiose images of potential tragedy, and are always hyper-vigilant for any small signs of trouble. Their favourite self-talk expression is, `But what if…?’ Learn to replace your worrier self-talk with, `So, what if…? By God’s grace I can learn to handle this. I can feel anxious and still do it. I don’t like it, but I can stand it until it passes. I’ll get used to it with practice and God’s help.’ When Jeremiah’s fears kicked in and he wanted to run from a public speaking assignment, God said to him: `…you must go wherever I send you and say whatever I tell you. And don’t be afraid of the people, for I will be with you and will protect you…’ (Jeremiah 1:7-8 NLT) Instead of running from it, choose to face it in faith; and watch how God will get you through it!

SoulFood reading: Jos 11-13, John 17:1-12, Ps 147:12-20, Pr 29:6-10


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