Daily Devotion

Source: The Word For Today

`Do not be afraid of their faces.’ Jeremiah 1:8 NKJV

Another sub-personality type contributing to our fear of people is called `The Critic.’ It’s that part of you which constantly judges your own behaviour, compares you unfavourably with others, points out your flaws and reminds you you’re a failure. Its favourite self-talk expressions are, `You’re stupid; can’t you ever get it right? Look how capable so-and-so is. How come you can’t be like them?’ While `the worrier’ suffers from anxiety, `the critic’ suffers from low self-worth. What’s the answer? Learn to replace your critic self-talk with, `They’re what God made them; I’m what God made me, and I accept myself as His unique creation. I make mistakes, but I’m not a mistake. With God’s grace, I’m working on being the lovable, capable person God made me.’

‘The Victim’ is another sub-personality type underlying our fears. It’s that part of us which feels helpless or hopeless, believes we’re inherently inadequate and unworthy, sees insurmountable obstacles in our path, and bemoans the way things are. Its favourite self-talk expressions include, `I can’t…It’s useless. I’ll never be able to. Why even bother?’ Replace your victim self-talk with, `I don’t have to be perfect now. I’m a new creature in Christ and I’m growing a little more each day. I choose to see the glass half-full rather than half-empty. Since God says I can, I choose to believe I can-and I will-in His time and way.’ Face your fears. Do what you’ve been afraid to do. God’s promise, `…I am with you…’ (Jeremiah 1:19 NKJV), was all Jeremiah needed-and it’s all you need too.

SoulFood reading: Jos 14-15, John 17:13-26, Ps 148:1-6, Pr 29:11-15


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