How Pastors Get Rich

Take a read of this article about how Pastors get rich. It might just sound like a church you know.

This article exposes the secret methods certain pastors use to get rich off God’s people. Have you ever wondered how some pastors start a church and then become wealthy living in flash houses and driving luxury cars? Well this article exposes how they do it, extracting money from their congregations to fund their lifestyles. Here are the secrets they definitely do not want you to know.

Important Note: As you read please remember that very few pastors use the techniques you are about to discover. The great majority of Christian pastors do not earn much money even though they work hard at their jobs. Most Christian pastors would find these techniques repugnant. Please do not make the mistake of tarring the many good pastors with the brush reserved for the spiritually corrupt few.

Table of Contents

The Multilevel Marketing Pattern
Hyped Conferences
The Christian Speaking Circuit
Pastor Owned Businesses that Feed Off the Flock
The Honor the Pastor Scam
High Pressure Offerings
Cathedral Building Wars
Siphoning Cash into Property
Excessive Wages
Their Fabricated Tithing Doctrine
The Carrot and the Stick

Why you should read this Article

You will discover the secret techniques that certain pastors use to transfer money out of your pocket and into theirs.

You will understand the overall pattern behind their tricks.

You will learn enough to protect your friends and family.

You could gain thousands of dollars (or pounds or euros), literally. Reading this article can set you free. Free to keep more of the money that you have worked hard for. Money you can take and invest in genuine works of God, or in toys for your kids, or perhaps something shiny for your spouse.

Finally, reading this article can help you please God more, since you will no longer be investing in ungodly works.

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Where in the Bible is this?

Where in the Bible does it tell us to go around as these “ministries” do to win people to Christ? How does any of this bring honour to God?

Why is that those outside the church are more able to see how wrong this is?

Preach the Gospel instead of all this rubbish, that is what saves, not a cage fight.

The Daily Show – God Smacked

Or Wrestling for Jesus as below.
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Women and Porn

A new article from the Washington Times details how pornography is becoming more and more of a problem for women as the pornography business itself becomes a bigger and bigger industry itself.

The pornography revenue in the U.S., in 2006 alone, was approximately $13 billion. The pornography industry is also larger than the revenues of the top technology companies combined: Microsoft Corp., Google Inc., Inc., eBay Inc., Yahoo Inc., Apple Inc., Netflix Inc. and EarthLink…

A 2006 survey released by Internet Filter Review showed that 17 percent of women said they struggled with pornography addiction and that one in three visitors to pornography sites were women. About 30 percent of Internet pornography consumers are women, according to the 2008 Internet Pornography Statistics…A 2006 Internet Filter Review poll found that 9.4 million women access adult websites each month, and 13 percent of women admit to accessing pornography at work.

If they’re an addict, they stop developing spiritually, relationally and morally, at the age of the onset of the addiction,” said Mr. Weiss.

But in this article the one part that stuck out and really struck me was that even though more and more women are being caught in the trap of pornography, still men get attacked in the article. Women who watch porn are VICTIMS of non-consenual sex (Rape) and Men who watch porn are PERPETRATORS of non-consensual sex (Rape) according to this professor.

The more pornography women use, the more likely they are to be victims of non-consensual sex,” said Mary Anne Layden, professor of sociology and women’s studies at Wheelock College in Boston. “The earlier the male starts using pornography, the more likely they are to be the perpetrators of non-consensual sex.