Is your Technology use a sin

Having just read  this article from Desiring God I thought the author raised an important question, one that I have been questioning myself recently.  Is the use of technology (Facebook, Twitter, email) daily really a good use of my time.  I may not have put it at the level of a sin as the author does but I do know that I spend way too much time doing nothing until I have read every update on FB for the day.

“Many of us may realize the pull that technology has on us and feel the weight of our guilt because of the wasted time. But like Paul says, Jesus is our rescuer. He came to redeem us from each and every sin, including the squandering away our time on the iPhone.”

As the author point’s out while there are some benefits to technology there are also consequences to those actions, including the damages to the real world relationships we may have.

“No doubt, technology provides many benefits to our lives. But we can’t be naïve to the consequences, including primarily its impact on our in-person relationships. It entices us away from face-to-face contact and real authentic connections. More often than not, it’s a time waster. It sucks us in and consumes hours. We think we are logging in to check one thing and an hour later we finally come up for air. The limited granules in the sands of our life’s clock trickle down while our fingers swipe and click our days away.”

So for me this is another gentle reminder to pull back from my technology use and to catch up on my real world task list.


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