What is pollution, and what is not!

Notice what is missing from this list of pollutants from the US EPA. The one thing all governments are trying to make out as the one thing killing the earth, CO2 is not even listed as a pollutant, because it isn’t!. And it does nothing to cause pollution in places such as China like the list below does so in the meantime nothing gets done to fix the pollution problem in China because everyone is trying to fix the one thing that is not the actual problem.

“The EPA lists five major contributors to air pollution: Ozone, Particulate Matter, Carbon Monoxide, Nitrogen Oxides, Sulfur Dioxide, and Lead.”

“Even if you fervently believe that emitting carbon dioxide will lead to catastrophic global warming, CO2 has nothing — zero — to do with the air pollution in Beijing. And it’s not a mistake without consequences. China has a serious health problem to address, one that has effects carried past their national boundaries. If Beijing chooses to placate environmentalists by spending money on carbon dioxide mitigation and diverts resources from smokestack scrubbers and automobile pollution controls, the result will be unnecessary suffering, sickness and premature deaths.”


Read more here


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