Save the Whale

After having watched what happened recently with the orphaned whale Colin/Collete that got lost in Sydney and had to put put down as it was suffering I have felt the need to voice my opinion.

While it is a shame that the whale had to be put down I believe that it was done humanly and correctly as the experts were sure it was going to die.

GROWN men were in tears as Colin the abandoned baby humpback whale struggled as he was dragged behind a boat before being left to thrash on a beach after he was injected with a fatal dose of anaesthetic this morning…“After this comedy of errors of the past few days I thought that they would euthanase it with some dignity,” said Mr Brown.“For God’s sake, it’s a baby. It’s been through hell. It was separated from its mother, it’s been starved and confused.”,23599,24222924-29277,00.html

Now compare that to the response to the 400 abortions that happened during that week in NSW alone, where was the outrage at all of those babies that died

In Victoria they are trying to make abortion at any age legal and that needs to be stopped. How can anyone in their right mind allow killing of any human at any stage of their life.
Other forms of second trimester and late term abortion can result in the birth of a living child, who is then left to die. Forty-seven out of 309 (15%) post-20 week abortions performed in Victoria in 2005 resulted in the delivery a live born child, who was then tragically left to die. (1)The Consultative Council on Obstetric and Paediatric Mortality and Morbidity’s Annual Report for the Year 2005, incorporating the 44th Survey of Perinatal Deaths in Victoria