Save the Whale

After having watched what happened recently with the orphaned whale Colin/Collete that got lost in Sydney and had to put put down as it was suffering I have felt the need to voice my opinion.

While it is a shame that the whale had to be put down I believe that it was done humanly and correctly as the experts were sure it was going to die.

GROWN men were in tears as Colin the abandoned baby humpback whale struggled as he was dragged behind a boat before being left to thrash on a beach after he was injected with a fatal dose of anaesthetic this morning…“After this comedy of errors of the past few days I thought that they would euthanase it with some dignity,” said Mr Brown.“For God’s sake, it’s a baby. It’s been through hell. It was separated from its mother, it’s been starved and confused.”,23599,24222924-29277,00.html

Now compare that to the response to the 400 abortions that happened during that week in NSW alone, where was the outrage at all of those babies that died

In Victoria they are trying to make abortion at any age legal and that needs to be stopped. How can anyone in their right mind allow killing of any human at any stage of their life.
Other forms of second trimester and late term abortion can result in the birth of a living child, who is then left to die. Forty-seven out of 309 (15%) post-20 week abortions performed in Victoria in 2005 resulted in the delivery a live born child, who was then tragically left to die. (1)The Consultative Council on Obstetric and Paediatric Mortality and Morbidity’s Annual Report for the Year 2005, incorporating the 44th Survey of Perinatal Deaths in Victoria


This is why we can not be heard by them

As a Christian I believe that we should be involved in Politics as we can keep the focus on issues that impact those around us. We are called to be a light to this dark world and I believe that we can be that light through arenas such as politics.

However when the Christian political party end up self destructing as the Christian Democratic Party in NSW is doing at present then we are not able to impact those around us, as we look no better then them or in this case much worse.
Christian soldiers at war

The fact that this is being played out in the public eye or via dueling email list does no one especially God any favours. and what is happening in the CDP at present is a big reason why I can not become involved with them.

This was in relation to an earlier article on on this.
Fred Nile:
Walter Vanderpoll, CDP NSW State Manager/Director, writes: Re. “Re. “Fred Nile’s coup inside Christian Democrats” (Monday, item 10). Your article regarding Fred Nile and the CDP NSW Annual Convention needs some corrections:
1. Under the original CDP NSW Constitution (dated 2001 and amended in 2006), the NSW State President, Rev Fred Nile, has always been entitled to remain the State President until he resigns or dies.
2. Rev Dr Gordon Moyes declined to accept his Jnr Deputy President nomination at
the CDP NSW AGM so it was his choice to not stand for election to the CDP NSW Management Committee.
3. Ken Gregory is still the CDP National Secretary and Party Agent, he was just legitimately and democratically defeated for the new CDP NSW Secretary position by Elwyn Sheppard (previously CDP “Minutes” Secretary for 3-4 years).
4. In recognition of his great service to the CDP, Ken Gregory was the proud recipient of one of the 10 inaugural FLAD Awards (Faith, Loyalty and Dedication Awards) at the CDP Convention Gala Dinner.
5. Arie Baalbergen was legitimately and democratically defeated by Michael Darby, the new CDP NSW Treasurer.
6. John Phillips declined his nomination to the CDP NSW Management Committee at the CDP NSW AGM after not receiving a seconder for his nomination.
7. Phil Lamb, the previous CDP NSW State Director, unexpectedly resigned from the CDP after serving only four years of his five-year contract, to join the National Party as their new NSW State Director back in February 2008 and this was six months before the CDP NSW Convention.
8. Ben Carpentier, the previous CDP NSW Office Manager, resigned of his own accord from CDP NSW, after far less than 12 months with the CDP and he left on 17/7/2008 and this was also well before the CDP NSW Convention.
9. Fred Nile is actually only 73 years young, has 27+ years of legislative experience, improves most bills in parliament and has served longer than anyone in the current NSW Parliament.
10. “Fred Nile Group” is a registered addendum to the CDP’s name.

I do agree that the CDP as a party need more voices inside it that can be heard. If Fred does not start grooming people under him to have a voice of their own, when he does retire and he will eventually as he will be close to 80 at the next election then the party he started will become as relevant as the australian democrats became. How many people will vote for someone who will be 80 the next time they stand for an 8 year term.
Both Gordon and Fred need to stop this squabble now and start working together to ensure that the party has a future and will actually start to make a true christian difference in NSW

At least get the basics right

As Christians we are called to spend time in God’s Word so that we can understand what God will for us is. How is it then that so many who claim to be Christian can not even do that most basic of steps. Our greatest desire should be to want to Know God more and more and by reading the Bible we get to see His love for us through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross of Calvary. We also get to see how just and holy God is and without that sacrifice of Jesus then we would all be punished for our sins.

Of those Australians who go to church, 21 per cent read their Bible daily, 14 per cent open it a few times a week and 6 per cent once a week.But 24 per cent said they read their Bibles only occasionally, 18 per cent hardly ever and 17 per cent said they never read the Bible on their own as a private devotional activity, according to the research, which is based on the 2006 National Church Life Survey of 500,000 people who attended church from 22 denominations.

Pastor who doesn’t teach theology

How is it that so many people can buy into a pastor who does not even teach the basics of Christian theology.  He avoids talking about sin and only wants to talk about hope and positive thoughts.  What happens then when these people find struggles in their lives, just like we all do.

He doesn’t preach on political issues; he also doesn’t teach theological doctrine or try to explain every detail in the Bible.